See your body in a whole new light

Adult 13+

Starting at $29.50
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Youth Ages 4-12

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Children (3 and under)


You’ll never forget what you see at REAL BODIES. From dramatic and moving displays to interactive exhibits, our world-renowned exhibition has something for every visitor. At REAL BODIES, you’ll discover the fascinating ways that the human body has been viewed across history and culture — allowing you to come away with a deeper understanding of how various anatomical systems work together to comprise the human experience.



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REAL BODIES allows you to get a closer look at what’s inside of you. This is an exploration of not just anatomy, but of humanity.

It’s a chance for you to come and see what’s inside your body but also how other people perceive what’s inside their bodies. You’ll be able to look inside, understand the physiology, the anatomy, and also how other cultures deal with life and deal with death.