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Take a School Field Trip to the Most Educational Exhibition on the Las Vegas Strip

If you are a teacher, parent, or student of any age, REAL BODIES at Bally’s provides the best school field trip or self-guided tour for school groups or individually homeschooled students. The exhibition also offers an educational way to spend a rainy day in Vegas. REAL BODIES at Bally’s features galleries of preserved human specimens, organs, tissues, and bones that provide an insight into the human body in a way that textbook drawings, plastic models, and computer graphics simply do not. “I will have tons of memories and be able to look at my pictures for resources for the classes I am taking,” a visitor from Arlington, Washington says on Unlike some other hotel and casino exhibits or attractions, in REAL BODIES at Bally’s, photographs are allowed and encouraged.

Whether in elementary, middle school, high school, college, graduate school, dental school, nursing school, or medical school, students will appreciate the intricate detail of the real body specimens on display at this museum-quality exhibition. Zhi H. from Los Angeles, California says on,

“Very cool and kid friendly. It’s a self-guided tour which breaks down the human anatomy. It’s pretty much a museum of human parts where you can read about different parts. It’s like a biology class. They break it down from external to microscopic levels.”

Visiting groups of students looking for an educational morning, afternoon, or evening activity at a deeply reduced rate in Las Vegas can tour this attraction from 10am to 9pm, Monday to Sunday, as an engaging escape from the desert heat. Deep group discounts are available for student field trips or other groups who want an immersive, impactful experience at REAL BODIES at Bally’s.

REAL BODIES at Bally’s is more than just a breathtaking display of human bodies; it is also a resource for STEM education, covering the curricular areas of biology, anatomy, medicine, culture and emotions, and philosophy. This immersive experience allows students to make connections between the classroom and the real world as they get an up-close look at actual anatomical systems. REAL BODIES at Bally’s takes students through the history of body preservation and early anatomical research of human cadavers. Other galleries in the exhibition feature museum-quality displays of real body specimens, showing all the different body systems: muscular, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, nervous, circulatory, and reproductive. Two of the most popular galleries are What Becomes of Us, which discusses how different cultures approach death, and Repair, a gallery that shows medical advances and practices. For all grade levels of student groups, REAL BODIES at Bally’s provides the best educational experience on the Las Vegas Strip with deep discounts available for groups as few as 10 students.

For teachers bringing school field trips to see the exhibition, REAL BODIES at Bally’s provides an Educator Guide complete with 10 lesson plans with activities for students of all grade levels to complete before, during, or after visiting the exhibition. The Educator Guide provides grade-level adaptations for each student’s ability. Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) were used in structuring the REAL BODIES at Bally’s Educator Guide, and each activity in the Guide is based on NGSS Crosscutting Concepts. The Introduction to the Educator Guide also asks questions from each of the NGSS Crosscutting Concepts: Patterns; Cause & Effect; Scale, Proportion, and Quantity; Systems and System Models; Energy and Matter; Structure and Function; and Stability and Change. Students are encouraged to consider these questions while touring REAL BODIES at Bally’s.

For students of any age, REAL BODIES at Bally’s is the best shareable educational attraction in Las Vegas. Students studying biology, anatomy, veterinary medicine, dentistry, massage therapy, acupuncture, physiology, psychology, physics, ophthalmology, archaeology, or other fields will want to share their visit with their friends and followers on social media. REAL BODIES at Bally’s encourages photography in every gallery, and many unique photo opportunities exist for students visiting the attraction in a group or on a field trip. On, Helen V. writes, “Even though I’ve had anatomy classes in college it was awesome to see again and refresh my memory. I liked the fact that photography was allowed and was able to capture some great shots.” Students can take selfies with real human bodies or snap shots to save for their studies or share on social media to show that their Vegas visit included cultural and educational attractions.

REAL BODIES at Bally’s is an unmissable cultural, educational, and immersive museum-quality experience in the center of the famous Las Vegas Strip that offers group discounts to students of all ages.

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